Resolve Microsoft Jet Database Engine Error - 3049

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Published: 16th April 2010
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Microsoft Access saves users database, tables, indexes, etc. in .mdb files for their easy and fast retrieval. If the .mdb file gets damaged / corrupt, the Jet Database engine of MS Access cannot establish connection with it, which means when a user tries to access data from .mdb file the 3049 error numbers appears on users screen. Following is the description of error number 3049:
"Cannot open database . It may not be a database that the application recognizes, or the file may be corrupt."
The preceding error message is saying that the .mdb file from which the user is trying to access the information is corrupt; therefore, the database cannot be opened.
Reasons for the database damage
Being a regular access user, you must know the reasons that lead into the damage of .mdb file so that you can save your database file from being damaged. Following are the reasons behind the damage of Access database file:
Virus infection
Improperly exiting MS Access when the database is open
Abruptly closing the database file
Power sabotage
Deletion of file's header
Faulty networking hardware
To protect the database from being damaged, you must scan the database with an effective antivirus system. You should not abruptly close MS Access or the database while it is in use. By considering the aforementioned points, you can save the database file from corruption to an extent but the question is what you will do if the file is damaged. How you will get the data back?
You can recover the data stored in the damaged database file by using the backup of the database file. Just delete the damaged database file and paste the backup database file in place of that. This way you can recover the lost data in few minutes. However, you must have backup to recover the lost data. If you do not maintain full backup of the database file then the only solution to recover the lost data is repair the damaged Access database file.
Use Kernel for Access - a comprehensive, easy-to-use, and dynamic Access repair software that provide you an intuitive interface to recover the data lost due to mdb corruption. The software supports all versions of MS Access, such as MS Access 95, MS Access 97, MS Access 2000, and MS Access 2003.Kernel for Access can be installed on any version of Windows operating system.

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